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Brushed Aluminum

New original brushed aluminum panels for deluxe interior are now available for your Shelby or Mustang . This brushed aluminum  is available in kits depending on your needs for all dash pieces. They have been brushed like factory and clear anodized for protection against corrosion for years to come. The anodization plating also prevents against finger print marks and stains from chemicals and cleaners.  The brushed aluminum is bonded to a steel panel which has been zink plated prior to the bonding of the two pieces. These deluxe dash pieces have been made to the same dimensional specifications and fit, identical to the original FoMoCo part made in 1967. Our dash pieces are superior to the factory ones since the aluminum was not anodized and the back plate was not zinc plated.  
Quality Mustangs has been refurbishing the original brushed aluminum interior parts for the 1967 Mustang over four years. The brushed aluminum inserts are first removed from the FoMoCo plastic panels. Secondly, we remove the rust on the back steel plates and any other corrosion chemically. Any dents or bents are straighten out for trueness;  any pits, scratches and discoloration on the aluminum lamination are also removed. In addition, we also bond together any separation between the aluminum and the steel panels as required. We then follow using our own specialized finishing process to make the brushed aluminum panels look terrific. Finally, we apply a clear coat to protect the brushed aluminum finish and an anti-rust coat for the back "steel" plate. The quality of our work, together with prompt delivery, is our number one goal.  

Quality Mustangs is now offering new brushed aluminum door panel inserts which fit over the original brushed aluminum door panels. The new "add on" inserts are made of real aluminum with an awsome brushed finish and have been given a clear anodized coating to protect them from corrosion and wear. 3M adhesive is used to bond the inserts to the originals door panels.
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