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Ray Azcue founded Quality Mustangs in 1998. His love for the classic Mustang and his desire to preserve it is his motivation. Ray will continue to provide the highest quality service and workmanship to Mustang owners and other classic car enthusiasts.
Ray is a University of Texas graduate in Electrical Engineering. He has been Mustang owner since 1967. I have a career in Avionics, Communications, Telecommunications and Manufacturing. And extensive background in Robotics and Fabrication.
I have been a member of the Mustang Club of America since 1988 and the local clubs of  Mustangs of  East Texas & NTMC for several years.
Ray bought his 1st Mustang in 1967 with automatic, ps, and a/c and lime gold color. Sold it in 1977 and he missed it so much that he bought another one in 1981 with only 51K miles, which he drove for 10 years. He then restored it himself to "Concours Driven category" and completed it in 1995 where he has shown it in 2 MCA Grand Nationals at Oklahoma and Houston where he won SILVER both times missing gold by just a few points.
Quality Mustangs has been performing plastic rechroming and refinishing brushed aluminum for 7years. This quality of work has attracted primarily Mustang Shelby owners. High quality in service, workmanship, and delivery has provided excellent customer satisfaction. Ray's engineering skills and inginuity are instrumental in developing a process for refurbishing "brushed aluminum" to a show quality appearanceAbout Us

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