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At Quality Mustangs, our mission is to provide all classic car owners with superior quality on new and refurbished parts together with excellent service and 100% satisfaction guarantee at an affordable price.

We specialize in 1967 & 1968 Ford Mustang deluxe interiors. Originallity and concours competition, plastic rechroming (Factory Vacuum Metalized) and refurbishing of brushed aluminum for original FoMoCo factory parts are Quality Mustangs' biggest service. Quality Mustangs accepts plastic rechroming orders on any car for most interior applications.

Aluminum door panel inserts are now available for 1967 deluxe interior.

Visit our website frequently for updates and dates for release on new products. Quality Mustangs guarantees all workmanship to 100% customer satisfaction. We'll replace it with an equal original FoMoCo product if not completely satisfied.


1967 Dash & Door Parts
1967 Dash & Door Parts

We restore 67 Deluxe Interiors as seen in this picture

Ray at a Classic Car Show
Founder of Quality Mustangs

67 Brushed Aluminum & Plastic Products
67 Brushed Aluminum & Plastic Products


Questions or comments? (972) 564-1750