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***BRAND NEW ***
*** The new brushed aluminum kits are finally here....these panels are made of real aluminum...NOT decals. Thes kits are made to fit perfectly on your original FoMoCo dash pieces. The instrument bezel  comes with words "WIPER" and "BRAKES" silk screened in black with exactly the same font as factory original. Each individual aluminum panel is being fabricated with the exact  bends, rolls and counter-sinks to conform to the original factory pieces. These panels are anodized, hand finished and installed with the highest level of workmanship. You will be very happy with these kits. Your interior will look superior to others and add considerable value to your Mustang.*** 

New '67 Brushed Aluminum Kit
New '67 Brushed Aluminum Kit - Original Equipment
Replaces Original Equipment

  *** The heater control panel brushed aluminum insert (not shown) is also included as part of the kit***


New Brushed Aluminum Kit (No Air)
New Brushed Aluminum Kit (No Air)
Installed in FoMoCo Standard Interior Plastic


Questions or comments? / (972) 564-1750