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1967 Deluxe Brushed Aluminumt (With Air)
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1967 Deluxe Brushed Aluminum (With Air)

1967 Deluxe Brushed Aluminum (Original Equipment Design) - These are new brushed aluminum panels like "factory" with steel backing with 1/4" tabs. These panels are made to exact dimensions as the originals and will fit the Instrument Bezel and RT Upper Panel dash pieces using your original FoMoCo plastic. The air-conditioned kit also includes brushed aluminum for the Heater Control Panel, Center and RT Lower Registers. Individual pieces can be purchased separately as well. The kit consist of 5 pieces. Click here for description and pictures of each individual panel. 1967 Dash Replacement Kit (With Air)

Reasonably priced at $425.00 since OEM pieces are not longer available from FORD. Installation is FREE if we also re-chrome your plastic.

           NOTE: Quality Mustangs will buy your old FoMoCo cores.



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