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1967 "PRNDL" & "CLG" Brushed Aluminum Plates
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1967 "PRNDL" & "CLG" Brushed Aluminum PLates

"PRNDL" Brushed Aluminum Plate -        Lower Console (Automatic transmission). A much more rigid and nicer quality than the original. Same workmanship and quality as our new dash pieces. Will highly complement your new or refurbished brushed aluminum pieces.          Price: $ 17.50  



Convenience Light Group Brushed Aluminum Plate - Lenses not included        Price: $50.00 
"CLG" Mylar Lenses / Early 1967 Production (Set of 4) - Set consist of 2 blue and 2 red negative lenses.  The 2 blue lenses include "DOOR" (Before 12/1/66) and "FUEL" (Before 5/15/67) plus 2 red lenses which include "PARK" and "BELT". Price: $150.00. 
Individual lenses: $50.00 each.
"CLG" Mylar Lenses / 1967-1968 Production (Set of 4) - Set consist of 4 red lenses with the words silk screened in "white". The 4 lenses include "PARK", "DOOR", "BELT" and "FUEL".  Price: $125.00. 
Individual lenses: $40.00 each.

Brushed Aluminum "PRNDL" Plate
Brushed Aluminum "PRNDL" Plate
For Lower Console with Automatic Transmission

Brushed Aluminum plate for "CLG"
 Brushed Aluminum plate for CLG
Option for either Shelbys or Mustangs


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